Standard FeaturesInside

  • Authentic Finnish wet/dry cedar barrel sauna.
  • Hand Crafted of Western red cedar.
  • Wood goes in from outside… so no wood mess inside the sauna
  • Walls are constructed with ball and socket joints
  • End walls are constructed with tongue and groove
  • Sauna base is constructed of 2×12 treated for extra strength and durability
  • 1/8 inch thick steel bands
  • Wood fired stove with Lake Superior rocks included
  • Water tanks available for an extra cost.
  • Stove is equipped with a damper on the pipe
  • 12 inch by 12 inch firebox in the woodstove.

It generally takes 45 minutes to an hour to heat up. These saunas are so efficient – they use very little wood and heat up quickly. So you can enjoy your sauna in no time flat!

Safety Features:

  • Our saunas are made with the safest design features possible. The chimney is a 6 inch double wall insulated pipe with a 1 inch air space between the roof and pipe.
  • There is also a cement board backing underneath the wood stove and on the back wall with a gap from
    the sauna wall for extra fire safety. We do not recommend adding a chimney cap to your sauna because it can cause the sparks to be re-directed back down onto the roof of the sauna. It is highly recommended to leave the top of the chimney open so sparks can float up and away.  When sauna is not in use – you can simply put a pail on top of chimney to keep rain from getting in.

Never leave children unattended!