How tall are barrel saunas?

-6ft diameter: 6’6″ without chimney / 8′ with chimney
-7ft daimeter: 7’6″ without chimney / 9′ with chimney

How much does a sauna weigh?

6′ Diameter 1” wood – 110 lbs / foot
6′ Diameter 1 1/2″ – 130 lbs / foot
7′ Diameter 1 1/2” – 160 lbs / foot

What type of wood are the saunas made of?

All saunas are made out of Kiln-dried Western red cedar. The base is made out of treated 2×12’s for cradles and 2×4’s for skids.

What type of wood are the saunas made of?

All saunas are made out of Kiln-dried Western red cedar. The base is made out of treated 2×12’s for cradles and 2×4’s for skids.

Does adding a porch make the Overall Length longer?

If you add a porch, the overall length stays the same but the sauna room will be shortened by the size of the porch. For example, if you add a porch to a 6×6, it will still be a 6×6 but the sauna room wound then be only 4 feet long which is electric only and will seat no more than two people.

What size stoves/wood?

We have two sizes of wood stoves: 12×12 and 12×16 firebox. If the sauna room is 7×10 or larger, you will have a 16-inch stove. Any sauna room that’s smaller will get the 12-inch stove. Wood should be cut an inch or two shorter and 2-4 inches in diameter.

Can I pour water on electric stoves?

Yes, you can pour water on the electric stoves. Water will not damage the stoves.

What type of foundation does the sauna need?

Concrete, pavers, gravel, wooden deck, etc are all excellent options and highly recommended. Gravel is popular as it’s generally the easiest and allows any water to drain away from the sauna. All of these options will also keep weeds from growing up around the sauna. We have also just simply set them directly on the ground and leveled them with treated wooden blocks. However, this method isn’t normally recommended as the blocks will settle into the ground over time causing the sauna to become unlevel.

Electric vs wood stove?

The main advantage of electric is that they are very convenient and you may end up taking more saunas because of this. Just a simple turn of the dial and you’ll be in the sauna in no time. The disadvantage is that they may require more maintenance as there are more moving parts that could fail. Also since they are electric they will need to be hooked up to power which could be a problem if it’s at your camp. Electric will heat up in 60 minutes or less.

Advantages to wood stoves are they generally heat up quicker/get hotter than electric. Close to 90% of the saunas we sell are wood.  There is nothing like the smell of a wood burning sauna! Wood will heat up in 45 minutes or less. However, the wood must be dry! Hardwood such as Maple, Oak, Birch etc is ideal.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of the 1.5” thick wood?

Advantages of the thicker wood are it’s stronger, is generally of higher quality, it has better insulation properties so it will heat up quicker/hold heat longer and the wood is more stable meaning it’s less likely to warp, split or cup. Also, most would say it has a little more eye appeal. The only disadvantage is that they are significantly heavier so if the location where you want it is challenging, it might not be the best option. If you are unsure if we can access your preferred location, contact us and send us a picture or video and we’ll determine if it would be a good option for you.

Can the sauna be wet or dry?

The sauna can be wet or dry. The majority of people throw water on the stove as it makes the sauna feel hotter and causes you to sweat much more efficiently.

What is the interior height?

The door height on a 7-foot diameter sauna is 6’2” and 5’2” on a 6-foot diameter sauna. The distance from the floor to the ceiling is 5’8” on a 6-foot diameter and 6’8” on a 7-foot diameter.

Do you wire up my electric heater?

Unfortunately, we aren’t certified electricians so we are unable to wire it up for you. You, as the homeowner, would be responsible for wiring up your sauna.

What model electric stoves?

A 6×4 and 6×6 sauna room will get a 6 KW heater and anything larger will get an 8 KW heater.
6Kw Heater
8Kw Heater

Do they have a floor drain?

Yes, there are floor drains every ~1.5 feet under the floorboards. No plumbing is necessary as the water will just drain directly on the ground.

Do you personally deliver my sauna? If so, Do you help with installation? How are they delivered?

Yes, we deliver our saunas ourselves all over the USA! We deliver them on a tilt bed trailer we pull behind our pickup truck. We will either arrive with an 18, 22, 26, or 30-foot trailer. Once at your house, we will help set it up in its final location, within reason. If any fences, stairs, snow piles, etc are in the way, you as the customer would be responsible for disassembling/removing any obstacles before we get there.

Can you assemble it in my basement? Can I buy one as a kit?

Unfortunately, our saunas cannot be disassembled once they are built so the door would have to be big enough to fit the sauna through assembled. We do not sell them in kits and have no current plans in doing so.

Do they come with any interior lighting?

Our saunas do not come with any interior lighting. What we normally recommend for lighting are battery-powered led camping lights that you can get just about at any store for cheap. However, options are endless and we have seen many great ideas including led strip lights under the benches and wrapped around the barrel, solar-powered lights, candles, etc. All lighting is up to the customer to install.

How do I use the damper inside the sauna?

The direction of the handle indicates the direction of the damper inside the pipe. The handle should be set vertical when you are starting the fire and after it’s going good, you should turn it 45 degrees. That helps keep the heat inside the stove instead of escaping out the chimney.

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