Standard Features

General Information

  • Every sauna arrives pre-assembled and ready to use.

  • Wood Stoves are fed from the outside to eliminate any mess on inside. They generally heat up in 45 Minutes or less, and take far less wood than a traditional sauna.

  • You are more than welcome to throw water on the rocks but avoid using softened water as it will dramatically decrease the life of the stove due to its salt content.

  •  Hardwood such as Maple, Birch or Oak is recommended but all wood used must be dry! The stove contains a 12×12” firebox but if the sauna room is 7×10′ or larger you will receive a 12×16” firebox.

  • There is a damper built into the wood stove that is non adjustable and there is a damper on the chimney pipe that is adjustable. The damper is used to slow the burning of the wood and keep heat in the stove and pipe rather than escaping out the chimney. The direction of the handle indicates the direction of the damper inside the pipe. It is recommended to close the damper to 40-50% of the way after the fire begins burning well.

  •  Our saunas are very portable and versatile. They can be hauled easily on a trailer to the lake or camp and back home with ease. We have even put them on pontoon boats!

  • We leave an air gap between the metal roof and the wood to allow it to breathe.

  • Barrel Sauna Heights: 
    -6ft diameter: 6’6″ without chimney / 8′ with chimney
    -7ft diameter: 7’6″ without chimney / 9′ with chimney
  • Barrel Sauna Weights:
    -6′ Diameter 1 1/2″ – 130 lbs / foot
    -7′ Diameter 1 1/2” – 160 lbs / foot

– We offer free delivery within 100 miles but we will deliver anywhere in the USA.
–We offer a $200 discount if you can pick it up from our facility.
–We charge $1.50/loaded mile to deliver.
– Most major credit cards are accepted. (+3%)
– Cash, Check, and credit cards accepted.
– No down payment is necessary…