Sauna Care & Maintenance


Each Sauna comes pre-finished with one coat of Sikkens proluxe cetol srd stain (natural). According to manufacturer, it should not be recoated until water will not bead off the surface.  The side of the sauna that sees most sun will need to be recoated more often than the shady side of the sauna. Do not let the finish go too long before recoating. Here is the link to manufacturer recoating process


The bands may need to be tightened occasionally especially after dryer times in the year such as spring or summer. All it requires is a t-25 star bit to take the upper baseboard off and a 9/16 wrench.

Other Maintenance Tips

  • If you ever have a problem with your door fit, checking to make sure the sauna is level will fix any door issue, but, if a problem still persists… you can sand or plane any tight spots or adjust hinges accordingly. Wood swells and expands from moisture and shrinks when hot or dry (this can change the fit of the door over time).
  • Never leave wet towels or rugs laying on the wood because it could cause it to mildew.
  • After each use it is recommended to add a couple logs into the stove to help dry out the interior of the sauna. In addition it is recommended to leave the door propped open slightly to let out excess moisture.
  • When adding water to the rocks to create steam, avoid using softened water as it contains salt and will decrease the life of the stove and chimney pipes.

  • The interior can be cleaned with a combination of warm water and vinegar, dish soap, or chemical free detergent.  Scrub on and hose off, then leave the door open to let it air out

Replacement Parts

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