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the UP’s original barrel sauna builders!

We are a small family owned business located just outside of Baraga MI, in the beautiful upper peninsula of Michigan. We take barrel saunas to the next level with our amazing crew and the care and expertise that goes into each and every one of our saunas. Each sauna is built by hand out of western red cedar and delivered fully assembled ready to enjoy! Having been in business since 2012, we were the first in the UP to begin making barrel saunas and have the art down to an exact science. We take great pride in saying we are the best quality and lowest price… always!!!

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The Benefits of
Our Barrel Saunas

Better Circulation
Since heat rises, much of the heat in a square sauna is trapped at the top. The curvature of barrel saunas allow for heat to be pushed back down to the walls closer to the occupant as more heat is produced by the heater.
Quicker Heat Time
Traditional square saunas have more cubic feet of air space to heat, much of which is unused. The circular design of barrel saunas eliminates that unused space by 23%, ultimately allowing the sauna room to heat up 23% quicker under the same conditions.
No Need For Insulation
You may be concerned when you hear that the sauna is not insulated. But not to worry!!! Similar to that of a log house, cedar provides natural insulation properties as many tiny air pockets are trapped inside the cellulose construction. Adding insulation will only attract mold and become infested with rodents overtime creating a potential health hazard.
Western Red Cedar
Fun fact: There are over 2.5 million cedar saunas in North America!! While not the cheapest option, cedar is widely considered to be the best sauna building material for several reasons. Along with its natural insulation properties, cedar is naturally resistant to decay, insects, and mold/fungus. It is also one of the most stable soft woods known and does not become hot to the touch. Cedar also has an enjoyable scent that is only enhanced with heat and steam. The color and grain of the wood make it the most beautiful sauna wood available.
Lumber Profile
Our unique lumber design is known as bull nose and coped edge. This custom milled wood is the only choice for barrel sauna making as it allows the wood to expand and contract as needed without damaging the sauna.
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