Hexagon Saunas

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The Sauna Guys is proud to announce a brand new sauna line…hexagon saunas!! They are made of 1.5 inch (2×4 and 2×6) read and white cedar and will seat 4-6 adults, with plenty of head room for taller folks. As with our barrel saunas, these are stand-alone saunas and do not require any electricity (except for electric stove) or plumbing to operate, but can be adapted by your local contractor at a later date. the roof is metal and custom colors are available. They are priced at $9,750 and one can be yours within 1-2 months!!!

Standard Features

$ 9,750
  • Wood Stove & Rocks Included (Electric Available)
  • Approx. 7' x 7'

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